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By using only the highest quality polishers, compounds, and polishes we are able to remove and refine paint marring, etchings, swirls, and defects by bringing out the paint's true clarity and depth by paint correction. We are able to provide a finish superior to when your vehicle rolled off the production line. 

 Swirl marks, or swirls, normally refers to “spider-web” scratches on the paint surface. Some people also use the term “swirl marks” when referring to buffer holograms. The spider-web scratches are mainly caused by improper maintenance techniques such as washing, drying, and waxing. Buffer holograms are trails left behind after improper use of a polishing machine, whether it be an improper technique or incorrect products and materials.

Paint correction prices vary based on the desired finish of the paintwork, current state of the vehicle’s paintwork, and the time spent to remove and refine paint.


*Inspection of the vehicle is required before a comprehensive quote will be given.

*Extra charge for paint coatings.

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