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The maintenance detail is specifically catered to returning customers who have opted for a paint coating during their previous visit to Clear Detailing.


Beginning with a deep wheel clean, wheel faces, barrels, and wheel wells are cleaned followed by a silica sealant applied to the wheels. The vehicle is foamed with a Ph-neutral soap to safely lift dirt and contaminants from the vehicle. The vehicle is then rinsed to remove heavy dirt and grime, followed by a proper two-bucket hand wash reducing marring. Vehicle paint and wheels are blown dry with filtered air to reduce potential marring to the paint. Gyeon Wet Coat is applied to all painted surfaces. Tires are dressed. The vehicle's interior receives a thorough vacuuming, followed by a steam clean on all plastic, leather, and carpets to remove stains, and kill bacteria. Dashboards, vents, instrument clusters, cup holders, door panels, consoles, and seats are protected with a satin, UV-resistant, anti-static protectant. All windows, screens, and mirrors receive our three-stage cleaning, leaving the perfect streak-free look.


We recommend this service bi-annually

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