We understand what it takes to care of cars and their owners.

At Clear Detailing we are dedicated to our customers and their vehicles. We love seeing the reaction of owners when we unveil their vehicle upon delivery. It's simple, we take care of our customers and their vehicles. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality detailing service and products for you and your vehicle. We strive for the highest level of detailing, and never take pride in the level of quality we provide to each and every vehicle.







I have a unique passion for everything automotive from detailing to modifying cars and I strive to provide customers with the best possible detailing experience money can buy! I started my detailing business while I was still in college at the University of Northern Colorado, and have loved it ever since! I have a deep passion for all types of cars and detailing allows me to work on many different types vehicles. I am a car guy at heart.




Like most people, life experiences guided me down many roads of development and change, thinking retirement would be a suitable objective. Little did I realize how fortunate I would be to partner with my son in developing a business that we can both share our automotive experiences, passions and allows us to express our values, workmanship and enjoyment of everything automotive.